April 10th Update

Mitchell County Heath Department
Easter and Social distancing….

Easter is the most important holiday of the Christian tradition. Most of us have many fond Easter memories of community worship and family time. Let’s not make 2020 a year of disastrous Easter memories filled with regret. For the ultimate good of all of the people of Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey Counties PLEASE stay home and social distance on Easter Sunday so we can all be here to celebrate Easter 2021. Next year we can all go back to Easter services, egg hunts, and big family dinners, but this year plan on celebrating over the phone and internet to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

*4/10/2020 Most Recent District Numbers Below*
Due to the holiday weekend, we may not receive results from the labs. If we do, we will let you know.

Avery- 59 People Tested
57 Negative Results
2 Pending Results
0 Positive Results

Mitchell- 68 People Tested
59 Negative Results
6 Pending Results
1 Positive Results
2 Persons Recovered

Yancey- 64 People Tested
54 Negative Results
10 Pending Results
0 Positive Results

Kenan Institute New Resource Guide: A compilation of resources: This is a great compilation of resources available including grants and loans. Use the filter feature to customize our search. Visit the site.

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