April 15th Update

Mitchell County Health Department:

4/15/2020 Most Recent District Numbers Below

There have been a lot of questions surrounding testing and our numbers. Some people think that they are too low and are worried that we don’t have any tests. These are good questions and hopefully, we can help answer some of them.
We do have tests. All three of our health departments and our area hospitals have tests and test when the need arises.
The local health departments, as well as the hospitals and physicians, have been given guidance on who should be tested.
(This guidance has changed several items since COVID-19 has started and is likely to change again.)

But for the time being, the testing guidelines are below.

North Carolina Testing Guidelines

CDC Testing Guidelines

We still don’t have widespread test availability; no one does. So we stick to the guidelines to have tests be used in a manner that best protects the public. We want to test those who are the most likely to spread COVID-19: healthcare workers, long term care facility residents, first responders, high risk and hospitalized patients.

As far as our numbers are concerned. We and our partners test those that fit within the guidelines and those who have a doctor’s order. As of yesterday, the NC DHHS has completed 65,039 COVID-19 tests and North Carolina’s population is approximately 10.49 Million.

Our district numbers are not purposely kept low or manipulated to provide a false sense of security. We present our numbers as they are.

We still think honesty is the best policy and we are transparent with what we know.

Personally, I know the nurses that work in our District, I get emails from them at 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm almost every night. They are working around the clock doing everything they can for you and me. We haven’t seen the surge of cases or individuals that meet the testing criteria as in other counties, and I hope that continues.

Avery- 62 People Tested
59 Negative Results
3 Pending Results
0 Positive Results

Mitchell- 75 People Tested
66 Negative Results
5 Pending Results
2 People have tested Positive
2 People have Recovered

Yancey- 68 People Tested
65 Negative Results
3 Pending Results
0 Positive Results

National Park Service officials announced today additional modifications to operations on the Blue Ridge Parkway in a continuing effort to support federal, state, and local efforts to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Effective immediately, and in addition to all existing restroom, visitor center, campground and picnic area closures, the Blue Ridge Parkway is implementing closures at the following locations until further notice. Read More

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