June 23rd Update

Mitchell County Health Department (June 22 post)

pdate for Monday, June 22, 2020: As of this morning, NC has had 53,605 positive cases and 1,223 deaths due to #COVID19. Currently, 870 individuals are hospitalized due to the virus. Visit our dashboard at covid19.ncdhhs.gov/dashboard.

📈 N.C. is experiencing significant community spread of the #COVID19 virus, and many of our metrics are headed in the wrong direction, with increased ER visits, hospitalizations increasing, and the percentage of positive tests is also high, at 10%.

🚨 #COVID19 is hitting NC’s Hispanic/Latinx population hard. Many work in essential services and industries that our state relies upon like construction, child care, and food processing, and may not be financially able to stay home when they are sick.

💻 NCCARE360, a technology platform to coordinate a person’s care among traditional health care settings and organizations that address non-medical drivers of health is now available in all 100 NC counties.

🆘 NCCARE360 can help address needs related to #COVID19 by connecting people to help with food, housing, transportation, employment and interpersonal safety, as well as physical and behavioral health care.
More info: https://governor.nc.gov/…/north-carolina-creates-nation%E2%…

⛑ NC Emergency Management continues to distribute PPE to counties with fastest growing COVID-19 caseloads, and is creating a plan to provide PPE to school nurses.

3️⃣ Your actions – WEARING a cloth face covering, WAITING 6 feet apart and WASHING hands frequently – will determine how we recover from #COVID19 as a state. Please practice the 3 Ws!

Avery- 1002 People Tested

949 Negative Results

43 Pending Results

10 Total Positive Cases

(Of those 10 total positives, we have 5 active cases, and 5 that have recovered)

Mitchell- 822 People Tested

751 Negative Results

46 Pending Results

25 Total Positive Cases

(Of those 25 total positives, we have 12 active cases, and 13 that have recovered)

Yancey- 1,161 People Tested

981 Negative Results

145 Pending Results

35 Total Positive Cases

(Of those 35 total positives, we have 8 active cases, and 27 that have recovered)

To ensure that your questions get a timely response, please call your local health department.

Avery Co. Health Department (828)-733-6031

Mitchell Co. Health Department (828)-688-2371

Yancey Co. Health Department (828)-682-6118

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